I don't care what people say, I just live my life that way. JB is
simply the best. that's what I say i'm jonasbrothers obsessed (:

helloooo! welcome op mijn blogseeeee. hier post ik mijn verhalen over the jonas brothers. and if you don't like them you better push that red button with the cross (: veel plezier met mn fanfic. and feel free to ask me stuff! comments are lovedlovedloved :x

Love, Linda Adam Jonas.

Before The Storm:

Part 1       Part 4       Part 7       Part 10       Part 13
Part 2       Part 5       Part 8       Part 11       Part 14
Part 3       Part 6       Part 9       Part 12       Part 15

So Far, So Great: (stopped)

Part 1       part 4       part 7       part 10       part 13
Part 2       part 5       part 8       part 11       part 14
part 3       part 6       part 9       part 12       part 15

he's a wonderful person:
'i wonder why most guys are such inconsiderate retards
don't they understand that a girl is something
to cherish & keep special in your heart?'
:joseph adam jonas. <3